Bristell Classic

The ultra-light aeroplane BRISTELL UL and its LSA modification in the three-wheel fixed undercarriage configuration is the right choice of aeroplane for use in flight training at flight schools, glider towing and recreational flying. Thanks to the combined comfort of good ergonomic design in the largest cockpit in its category, this aeroplane is the ideal vehicle for longer cross-country flights. The BRISTELL HD version offers heavy-duty wing spars, which make cross-country flights much safer in extreme weather conditions.

Technical Parameter

Bristell LSA Bristell ULBristell HD
Wing span9,138,13 m8,13 m
Wing area11,75 m210,5 m210,5 m2
Wing loading51,06 kg/m245 kg/m257.1 kg/m2
Aircraft length6.45 m
Aircraft height2.28 m
Cabin width1.3 m
Empty weight330 kg290 kg310 kg
Maximum take-off weight600 kg 472.5 kg600 kg
Useful load270 kg182.5 kg290 kg
Fuel tanks capacity120 L
Fuselage luggage compartment15 kg
Wing luggage compartment2 x 20 kg
Load factory+4/-2g
Operational Speed
Stall speed with flaps VSO58 km/h52 km/h60 km/h
Stall speed without flaps  VS174 km/h67 km/h80 km/h
Manoeuvring speed VA175 km/h
165 km/h180 km/h
Maximum flap speed VF139 km/h139 km/h139 km/h
Maximum horizontal flight speed VH250 km/h214 km/h250 km/h
Never exceeded speed VNE290 km/h270 km/h290 km/h
Power Units
ROTAX 912 UL80 Hp
ROTAX 912 ULS100 Hp
ROTAX 912 iS sport100 Hp
ROTAX 914 UL115 Hp
ROTAX 915 iS141 Hp

Main Features

Aeroplane Kit available

Finish your aeroplane with a Bristell aeroplane kit.