Design according to your wishes

The Bristell can be customized to your needs with paint schemes and canopy class colours.

Paint scheme

Design optional coating: not against any spraying – we are ready to spray plane according to your wishes.

Examples of color schemes can be found in the gallery below.

Microlight Bristell in BRM White

BRM white

Microlight Bristell - red

Bristell red

Microlight Bristell - Design red/white/black

Red, white & black

Microlight Bristell - Design "Air force grey"

Air force grey

Microlight Bristell - Coating in white/grey/yellow

White, grey & yellow

UL Bristell in orange

Bristell orange

Bristell Classic in white/blue

Blue & white

Ultraleichtflugzeug Bristell - weiß/orange

White & orange

Ultraleichtflugzeug Bristell - blau/silber

Blue & silver

UL BRM Aero Bristell - silber/white

Silver & white

Canopy glass

Canopy glass colors: You can choose from four colors of canopy glass for perfect harmonization with your design.

Four different canopy glass colors available

Other options

Bristell with autopilot as option

Many options availabe – you choose!

Rescue systems, autopilot, adjustable propeller, …