BRM AERO s.r.o. is a family company that focuses primarily on individual orders. The company is able to build and realize all kinds of modifications according to customers requirements. Each customer can get a unique specimen of the airplane that best suits his needs. One of the top priorities of BRM AERO is the emphasis on innovation and continuous development of manufactured aircrafts. The company also offers advice on choosing a suitable dashboard for the intended use of the airplane, as well as a suitable combination of engine and propeller. For all Bristell aircrafts the standard warranty and post-warranty service is provided to customers, including repairs and all kinds modifications.

Aeroplanes made with passion for flying

Our company BRM AERO, Ltd. makes ​​the complete aeroplane construction, which includes production of subassemblies, production of weldments, painting, installation of the avionics, engines, conducting flight tests of completed aircraft, preparing original documentation and handover to customers, warranty and after sales service and spare parts supply. The company also produces its own prototypes and assembly jigs.

Our principles

  • High level craftmen
  • Well organized production flow
  • High-tech equipment
  • A large number of high level elements
  • Passion for flying