The company AR Luftsport distributes ultralight aircraft in Germany and the Netherlands since 2013.
There are currently about 55 flying aircraft in this category in Germany. The ultralight aircraft are successfully used as business aircraft privately or in ultralight schools. There are currently about 500 Bristell aircrafts flying  worldwide.
A VLA version with a take off weight of 750kg is expected to be available from mid-2020.

Bristell ultralights are made from certified aircraft grade aluminum.
Occupant safety is exemplary in its class due to the integrated safety system.
With a cabin width of 130cm and enough headroom for headphones even very large pilots can sit comfortably.
A tank volume of 120 liters and large luggage compartments makes vacation flights to the enjoyment.
An overall rescue system increases the safety factor enormously even in the case of gross pilot errors and sudden events.

The company AR Luftsport is your competent partner when it comes to the purchase of the maintenance or repair of Bristell aircraft. We have been accompanying the Bristell aircraft since their introduction and, together with Falcon Flugsport and BRM AERO we have technically implemented many of our own innovations.

We are available 24/7…

We ourselves are experienced pilots and flight instructors who accompany you with a lot of experience on the way to your own Bristell ultralight aircraft.

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About Bristell


What do I get if I buy a Bristell?
The Bristell in the German version is constructively based on the LSA version with a take-off weight of 600kg MTOW.
The structure and all safety-related structural components of the Bristell ultralight aircraft are made of proven aviation aluminum.
Aluminum as a material for aviation has been used successfully for many decades. Aluminum is still the material of choice for most wide-body aircraft and general aviation aircraft.

The massive center tunnel integrated in the cabin ensures that the passive safety of the pilots in case of an external landing is high.
You are always with a maximum of safety and enough safety reserves in the air.


The cabin width of Bristell ultralights is 130cm. An ergonomically inclined seating position with center armrest and additional armrests on the side walls guarantees comfortable and restful cruises.
Even for very large pilots 200cm + is enough and comfortable space available. The integrated sunscreen and the effective ventilation / heating ensure pleasant indoor temperatures in any weather.


The different cockpit versions are ergonomically designed for the pilot and the copilot.
A clear layout and enough space for useful avionics are abundant.
The sensible division of the avionics and controls guarantees stress-free flying.
All important functions such as rescue equipment, gas, brakes, radio, transponder, cabin interlock are arranged so that safe flying from both seats and everything can be clearly controlled.

in Flight

The Bristell is a very calm and good-natured ultralight aircraft in flight.
In contrast to composite aircraft, it also absorbs rough updrafts and can not be significantly disturbed
Thanks to the efficient flap system, steep approaches over obstacles in front of the runway and also landing on very short airfields are no problem.
The Beringer brakes are very efficient and bring the aircraft to a very fast halt.


Whether it should be a special paint job
If there are special requests to the cabin
Or whether it should be a specially assembled avionics to the wishes of the pilot.
Almost everything is possible.

The company BRM AERO has an exceptionally high production density.
Almost all components are manufactured in the Kunnovice factory.
As a result, Bristell ultralights have a high quality standard.

Customer comments

a very versatile and powerful aircraft

Markus Tiek
Airfield Dankern/Germany

With the Bristell you can easily fly 500 nautical miles without a break

Peter Aringer
Airfield EDLI

a very efficient club airplane

Flying Club

very nice lines and design

B.Hoppe flight instructor